Price (VND)
An unforgettable therapy you’re only possible to find at SF spa. Herbal salt pillow is put under your neck and back to keep warm. The massage with fragrant essential oil extracted from precious wood relaxes the whole body, cures the chill and tiredness. Deeply breathe and enjoy the unique essential oil fragrance. Anti-tiring massage for eyes ends with eye sheet masks as well as basic facial acupressure leading you to a gentle sleep.
Steam Bath or Sauna 15’
Vietnamese Tradition Massage 75’
Facial clean& Breathing with Aromatherapy 5’
Anti-tiring Eye Massage, Face Acupressure 25’
(Offer free beverage) 
With this treatment, you shall forget the low temperatures of winter. It includes a spicy ginger scrub, Vietnamese tradition wooden bathtub soaking, a foot warm wrap by paraffin and a massage made with ginger oil to invigorate the body and soul.
Steam Bath or Sauna 15’
Ginger Body Scrub 35’
Massage Therapy with Ginger Oil 60’
Foot Wrap 10’
(Offer free beverage)
17. COCONUT PRE-SUN - 2H40' 
Freshly - grated coconut is used to smooth and moisturize the skin with agentle exfoliation, leaving it in perfect condition to receive the sun. A great start to your holiday! For all skin types, this treatment is also aperfect preparation for a Body massage and also ideal combined with afacial care.
Steam Bath or Sauna 15’
Body Massage with Coconut Oil 60’
Coconut Exfoliation 35’
Facial Care by Coconut and Cucumber 50’
(Offer free coconut juice) 
An immensely exotic, delightfully scented and delicious package for the face and body done from a blissful blend of five nectars which are banana, coconut milk, honey...and some kind of flower. It immediately gives skin a real hydrtion and help to preserve its glow and softness. Deeply relaxed, you will be on cloud nine.
Steam Bath or Sauna 15’
Special Massage by Five Nectar 60’
Face Care by Banana and Avocado 50’
Foot Massage 30’
(Offer free banani with soya juice)
19. TRAVEL - 3H15'
Let’s take travel around the world with SF Spa treatments. It’s an unforgettable chance to discover traditional massage of Vietnam followed by mud wrap with skin care Dead Sea Salt from Israel, enjoy the beautiful Bali on being overwhelmed by milk and petals bath softening your skin as a Queen from Java Times. Finally you shall be taken facial care andfoot massage by warm Stones against pain and tiredness when you come back SF spa as the last destination of your word travel. Steam Bath or Sauna or Jacuzzi 15’
SF Vietnamese Massage 60’
Dead sea Salt 40’ Mini Facial 30’
Foot massage by Warm Stones 30’
(Offer free beverage and smack) 
20. DELUXE - 4H
A luxurious therapy you can strongly feel right after using the services. This includes massage therapy with essential oil being thoroughly chosen to be suitable for your health, skin and interest, body exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt, anti-aging and wrinkle, whitening your skin with original collagen and ends with foot massage to perfect your whole body.
Steam Bath or Sauna 15’
Aromatherapy Body Massage 60’
Body Exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt 30’
Collagen an-ti Aging Facial 75’
Foot Reflex 60’
(Offer free beverage and snack) 
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